Secure Your Bicycle with the Oahu Bike Plan

The Oahu Bike Plan is a comprehensive plan to promote cycling as a viable form of transportation on the island. However, one of the major concerns for cyclists is the issue of bike theft. To address this issue, the Oahu Bike Plan has implemented several measures to ensure that cyclists can safely and securely store their bicycles. The first measure is the amendment of Ordinance 17-55, which requires all commercial, business, employment, and apartment developments to provide quality bicycle parking. This amendment eliminates the word “new” from the ordinance, meaning that existing buildings before Ordinance 17-55 will no longer be able to ignore the demand for bicycle parking or eliminate existing bicycle racks on site. The second measure is the installation of bike racks in high-rise buildings.

Before this, inhabitants of skyscrapers could secure their bicycles inside their unit with the help of an elevator. However, this was not an ideal solution in cramped apartments that were not suitable for storing bicycles. Low-rise residents who lived above the first floor also faced the inconvenience of going up and down stairs with their bikes. The installation of bike racks in high-rise buildings provides a secure and convenient way for cyclists to store their bicycles. The third measure is the implementation of bike lockers.

Bike lockers are secure storage units that can be used to store bicycles and other cycling equipment. They are typically located in public areas such as parks, schools, and shopping centers. Bike lockers provide cyclists with a safe and secure way to store their bicycles when they are not in use. The fourth measure is the installation of bike security systems. These systems use a combination of locks, alarms, and GPS tracking devices to protect bicycles from theft.

They can be used to monitor a cyclist’s location and alert them if their bicycle has been moved or stolen. By implementing these measures, the Oahu Bike Plan is taking steps to ensure that cyclists can safely and securely store their bicycles. This will help reduce bike theft on the island and make cycling a more attractive option for commuters.

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