Creating a Safe and Enjoyable Ride on O'ahu: Partnerships Established to Support Oahu Bike Plan Implementation

The City and County of Honolulu Department of Transportation Services, the State Department of Transportation, and other agencies have joined forces to make the Oahu Bike Plan a reality. This comprehensive effort seeks to create a bike path network that is accessible to all levels, abilities, and ages. To achieve this goal, the partners are working together to improve bike paths, bike paths, and other facilities so that bicycles and cars can safely and effectively share the road. Hawaii B-Cycle has been a key partner in this endeavor.

This innovative transportation program allows users to pick up a bicycle at any self-service station and return it to any other bicycle station located within the system's service area. The Oahu Metropolitan Planning Organization is also involved in this effort, though it does not maintain, review, or approve these sites and is not responsible for their content. The vision of the O'ahu Bicycle Plan is to create a bike path system that is 211 miles long and incorporates stress-reducing designs into the bike path network. This plan will ensure that all riders can enjoy a safe and enjoyable ride on O'ahu. The partners are committed to making the Oahu Bike Plan a success. They are working together to ensure that the bike path network is safe for all riders, regardless of their level of experience or ability.

The partners are also working to ensure that the bike paths are well-maintained and accessible to all riders. By working together, these partners are helping to create an environment where everyone can enjoy a safe and enjoyable ride on O'ahu.

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