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E Cigarette Components

The components of electronic cigarettes

  1. Cartridge: If the smoker inhales the cartridge of an e-cigarette, the nicotine solution or the e-liquid passes through the atomizer and consequently vaporized. The smoker inhales the vapor.  Many different flavor are available for the e-liquid and it is upon you to choose that suits you experience, seen through this green smoke review. There is an LED light at the tip of the e-cig that shows the battery status (strength) and mimics the burning of a real cigarette.
  2. Atomizer: It is the major component of the electronic cigarette. This is where the heating coil is found. The coil is heated by the atomizer when the battery is energized and it will consequently vaporize the liquid solution in the cartridge.
  3. Battery: It is lithium –ion kind and rechargeable. It also has a button where the smoker will push and eventually send energy to the atomizer.

Mechanism of the e-cigarette

The heat vaporizes the nicotine solution into steam that is free from tar but has the taste of nicotine. When a smoker inhales the vapor, the battery is triggered and transfers a signal to the atomizer which lights up and vapor is emitted instantly. The mechanism is almost similar to the actual tobacco cigarette but the benefit of e-cigarette is that it is free from tobacco and tar.

Advantages of electronic cigarettes

  1. It is the perfect solution for those who desire for an alternative to tobacco smoking. Its experience is tantamount to the actual tobacco experience so there will be no crave for the nicotine element.
  2. It is a healthy alternative as it doesn’t contain harmful substances like tar and nicotine. It also shields you from almost 400 carcinogens that are contained in tobacco cigarettes.
  3. The e-cigarette is environmentally friendly and insulates one from carbon monoxide as no substance is being burnt.
  4. It is the perfect remedy for those who have been in the smoking industry to quit slowly thus increasing their chances of seeing the Promised Land.
  5. Cost-effect and economical is one attribute that cannot be wished away. The e-cigarette cartridges will take 200 to 250 puffs, so you’ll be saving your pocket frequent visits.

Not everyone will appreciate the innumerable boons of e-smoking as the world is filled with doubting Thomas. Some critics say that electronic cigarettes, see electronic cigarette reviews, may be safer but may not assist in quitting smoking due to the presence of nicotine in the cartridges which are so addictive. Furthermore, it can lead to nicotine poisoning. Also they claim the industry is filled with quacks who are manufacturing their own e-cigarettes that contain different levels of nicotine.

In conclusion, electronic cigarettes though not officially declared fit by the relevant bodies, remains to be the alternative to most people who desire to continues smoking but cynical of the danger tobacco smoking pose. The right course of action is to buy e-cigarettes from renowned and legitimate distributors to avoid falling into the traps of scam artists.