A Comprehensive Guide to the Oahu Bike Plan Timeline

For the past three decades, bicycle planning in Hawaii has been steadily progressing. The Oahu Metropolitan Planning Organization (OAHumPO) is responsible for overseeing regional planning efforts, conducting studies, and providing funding to subbeneficiaries to carry out planning studies. The OAHumPO does not maintain, review, or approve these sites and is not responsible for their content. The Oahu Bike Plan is a comprehensive framework that will provide the city with a roadmap for how and where to make strategic improvements and address gaps in places where people walk and bike.

It will incorporate best practices in bicycle and pedestrian planning and design.

What is the timeline for the Oahu Bike Plan?

The Oahu Bike Plan is currently in its final stages of development. The plan was initially proposed in 2018 and has since gone through several rounds of public input and review. After being approved by the Honolulu City Council in December 2020, it is expected to be implemented in 2021. The plan will be implemented in phases over the next five years. The first phase will focus on creating a network of bikeways that connect major destinations throughout the city.

This includes bike lanes, shared-use paths, and other infrastructure improvements. The second phase will involve improving existing bikeways and expanding the network to include more neighborhoods. In addition to this, the plan also includes a number of initiatives to promote cycling as a viable transportation option. These include public education campaigns, bike-share programs, and incentives for businesses to encourage employees to ride their bikes to work.

The Oahu Bike Plan is an ambitious project that will have a lasting impact on the city's transportation system. It will create a safer, more accessible environment for cyclists and pedestrians alike, while also reducing traffic congestion and air pollution. The timeline for the Oahu Bike Plan may be subject to change as the project progresses. However, it is expected that the plan will be fully implemented by 2026.

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