Unlocking the Benefits of the Oahu Bike Plan

The updated bike plan will provide a roadmap for the continued growth of cycling as a safe, convenient, affordable, healthy and enjoyable form of transportation. The results of this year's Bike Plan Hawaii Refresh survey show that the lack of bike paths and the presence of unsafe drivers are the primary reasons why bicycles are not being used as much as they could be, despite the surge in bicycle purchases during the pandemic. Rex Dubiel Shanahan, coordinator of the North Shore Outdoor Circle bike path, has been advocating to Mayor Rick Blangiardi on behalf of his entire government for the reconstruction of the Sunset Beach bike path. Noyes is eager to see progress in plans for bike lanes on Kauai, but he understands that “the complex and lengthy legal and planning processes take a long time before real construction can be expected”.

As an avid cyclist for more than two decades, I am delighted to see any new bike path, no matter how small or disconnected it may be. The Oahu Metropolitan Planning Organization does not maintain, review, or approve these sites and is not responsible for their content. Unfortunately, there has been no progress in implementing the state bicycle plan over the past 10 years, which suggests that bicycle use is not a priority for the Department of Transportation. The implementation of the Oahu Bike Plan will bring about a number of improvements to existing bike-related services.

To begin with, it will create more bike paths and lanes across the state, making it easier and safer for cyclists to get around. It will also provide more resources for cyclists to access such as bike racks and repair stations. Additionally, it will help to educate drivers on how to safely share the road with cyclists. Finally, it will help to foster a culture of cycling by encouraging more people to ride their bikes instead of driving.

The Oahu Bike Plan is an ambitious project that will require significant investment from both public and private sources. However, it is an investment that will pay off in terms of improved safety and convenience for cyclists as well as increased economic activity in areas where cycling infrastructure is improved. It is also an investment in our collective health and wellbeing as more people choose to ride their bikes instead of driving.

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