Creating a Bike-Friendly Environment for Existing Businesses in Oahu

The O'ahu Bicycle Plan is a vision to create a bike path system that is accessible to all levels, abilities, and ages. Despite the recent surge in bicycle use during the pandemic, the Department of Transportation still has not made it a priority. The results of this year's Bike Plan Hawaii Refresh survey indicate that the lack of bike paths and unsafe drivers are the main reasons why bicycles are not being used. The plan includes four goals, each with corresponding support objectives.

One project awaiting funding is the reconstruction of the Sunset Beach bike path, for which Rex Dubiel Shanahan, the coordinator of the North Shore Outdoor Circle bike path, has been lobbying Mayor Rick Blangiardi on behalf of his entire government. Biking enthusiasts have been advocating for more bike paths for over 20 years and welcome every new bike path, no matter how small and unconnected. However, they understand that “the complex and lengthy legal and planning processes take a long time before real construction can be expected”. In order to support existing bike-related businesses, the O'ahu Bicycle Plan should focus on providing resources to help them grow and expand.

This could include offering grants or loans to help businesses purchase new equipment or hire additional staff. Additionally, businesses should be given access to marketing resources to help them reach new customers and increase their visibility. The plan should also focus on creating a safe environment for cyclists by improving infrastructure and increasing enforcement of traffic laws. This could include installing more bike lanes and signage, as well as increasing police presence in areas where cyclists are known to ride.

Finally, businesses should be encouraged to participate in community events such as bike rides or races to help promote cycling in the area.

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