Bicycle Parking in Oahu: What You Need to Know

The Oahu Bicycle Plan is an essential document for cyclists in the area, as it outlines the steps that need to be taken to guarantee that bike parking is addressed. The plan briefly mentions bicycle parking at public transportation stops, and it also outlines the ordinance that requires all new commercial, business, work and apartment complexes to provide quality bicycle parking on Oahu. At the Kalihi Transit Center, a parking shelter has been installed to provide a secure and weatherproof space for 16 bicycles. The facility's security guard, located on the adjacent platform of the transit center, can access the shelter.

In the future, a smart card locking system will be installed to further enhance security. In addition to providing bike parking at public transportation stops, bike racks should also be added to places that people visit regularly. This will help to ensure that cyclists have access to secure bike parking wherever they go. The ordinance also requires existing buildings before Ordinance 17-55 to provide bicycle parking or not eliminate existing bicycle racks on site.

This is an important step in ensuring that cyclists have access to secure bike parking throughout Oahu. By following the guidelines outlined in the Oahu Bicycle Plan, cyclists can be sure that their bikes are safe and secure when they are out and about. This will help to make cycling a more enjoyable experience for everyone.

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